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The Hunter

Probably the best game of 2017

Most people know that i love games and that i'm pretty much addicted to games. While I usually play the same games over and over agian I occasionally find new games to play. Most of the games are pretty bad, and i end up playing them for only a couple of days before delete them again. If not i just keep them in my steam library and never open up the game again.
That is not the case with this game! The second i saw a youtube video of this game i fell in love with it. I don't know if it was the fantastic graphics or the amazing game mechanics, probably a mixture of both.

When i first found this game i was playing on an old laptop that was probably close to death and well over 5 years old. Therefore i had several limitations to what games i could play. After i had played the game for a couple of days i gave up. My system was simply not powerfull enough to run this game.

While still not being able to play this game i kept looking up videos on youtube. I ended finding some old videos of a YouTuber i used to watch. I don't remember but i think there were over 30 episodes out on his channel already. And just to clarify every episode was pretty much over 30 minutes long. That's a lot of my sparetime wasted instead of parcticing for all those test i had to take in middle school. 

After upgrading my system to a completely new desktop computer i have played this game for countless hours. Therefore i also belive i have a pretty good understanding of this game and it's mechanics.

But i'm gonna stop rambling about everything and instead tell you why i think this game is so good, and definitely needs more attention.

This game has got some «mixed» reviews on steam, something i think has to do with the late updates of the game. While the game is mostly finished at the moment of me posting this, the game haven't always been like this. In the early stages of this game it was full of bugs and pretty much unplayable. Now that the game has become what it is i feel all the bad reviews should be removed and reconsidered by the user.

I have always loved the idea of a hunting game. I've never been hunting in real life but think the idea of it is really cool. The problem i have with most hunting games is that they are either too unrealistic, too much of a simulator or just full of bugs.

When i first saw the clips and images from this game i though «WOW! This has to be an amazing game, just look at those graphics.» But graphics is not all a game needs to be good. after researching for a while about the game i found out that the developers of the game had done an amazing job at making the perfect simulator around hunting. And oh boy where they right!
When you first load up the game you are treated with the most beautiful nature you can imagine in a video game. After a quick walk around in the game the experience just gets better. The terrain gets crazier and the game even prettier. The atmosphere is like no other game. Both how the weather works, all the sounds around you, the animals, all the plants, etc. Gorgeous!
As i've said before, they took time to actually make the game realsitic. The game is based of beeing very patient just like in real life. You have to be cautious about so many things like not making too much noise or scaring the animals away. If you are patient enough you might kill one deer or something after a while.

If you think it sound boring then you haven't tried it. You might say; «what's so fun about sitting still for "an hour" Just to shoot once and kill a deer?» Well that's not the case. Just sitting in the forest listening to all the sounds around you, walking slowly through the grass and not making any noise, analyzing tracks and straight out analyzing the poop to find out how old it is makes it all worth it. The feeling of hunting down a deer that might be bigger than usual for 30 minutes to an hour and finally shooting him straight through the heart or his skull is such an amazing feeling - I'ts a feeling of mastering something and it feels great.

This basicallt sums up my whole post about why i think this game is so good. so if you're looking for a relaxing and fun game this is definitely my best choice! For the price of $30 then you'll know it's worth every penny.